2-day NCD Training

September 26-27, 2018 (Place TBA)

A new 2-day NCD training for NCD coaches and those who are interested in deeper understanding what NCD process offers.

Focuses on a deeper understanding of the main features of the trinitarian NCD paradigm, on the implementation of NCD process, the role of NCD coaching and use of NCD tools/resources.


1st day

* Intro to NCD

* “All By Itself” principle: Theological basis and theoretical framework for NCD in order to accomplish God’s plan for the congregation and people

* Trinitarian Compass: Introducing the 3 Color paradigm and its role in increasing quality of church life as well as improving health

* 8 Health Qualities of Church

* 6 Empowering Life Principles

* NCD applied for personal growth

2nd day

* Examples of Churches using NCD

* Working with Minimum Factor

* Using NCD Tools

* The “How”

* Interpreting “snapshots” of congregational health

* Implementing NCD process

* NCD Research – Insights into best NCD practices

* Intro to NCD coaching

Training Team:

* Dr. Petr Cincala

* Founder & Executive Director of NCDAmerica

* Director of Institute of Church Ministry

* Associate Professor of World Mission at Andrews University

* Managing Editor, Journal of Applied Christian Leadership

* Dr. Greg Nelson

* Recognized expert on team and leadership culture transformation with an earned doctorate in personal and organizational effectiveness

* Keynote Speaker and author of an upcoming book “The Strategic Stop: The Secret Ingredient to Igniting People and Teams

* Certified Strengths Coach

* NCDAmerica’s Coach Trainer and Consultant

* MasterMind Group Support

Further Information

Date: September 26-27, 2018

Meeting Place: TBA

Address: TBA


* Sleeping rooms

* Free breakfast

* Free airport shuttle

Cost: $475 per participant includes:

* 2 days 9AM to 5PM

* Refreshments (main meals & accommodation not included)

* Free NCD Books

* 3 free eTests

2-day NCD training is required to join NCD Coaching Community in order to:

* have access to an ongoing NCD education/training

* have phone/online support from NCD America

* have access to wholesale prices for all NCD products

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2-day NCD Training Application

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